Carpet Flooring - The Ideal Flooring Option

15 Mar

One of the biggest misconceptions about carpet floors is that they are cold and uncomfortable. Truthfully, there are many situations in which carpet floors can be very warm, comfortable and even enjoyable. As a general rule, carpet floors should be at least 5 degrees warmer than flooring made of stone, ceramic or wood. Regardless, you can achieve this only by using low moisture heat generating systems and avoiding direct exposure to high humidity. If you do not have these things in your home or office, you may still be able to get great comfort from carpet floors. This is because carpet floors usually have insulating qualities that keep sound, heat and even cold outside. Visit this page to get more info about carpet floors.

Description A carpet is basically a textile floor cover usually consisting of an underlayment or base layer of coarse pile bonded to a backing. The coarse pile has long been made of wool, although nowadays, synthetic fibres like polypropylene, nylon or fibreglass are also used. Nowadays, a wide variety of floor covers is available for almost every type of surface. Carpet floors can be made of ceramic tiles, linoleum or even vinyl. If you are considering a new floor covering, remember that laminate or vinyl-covered carpet floors do not offer the same benefits as the carpeted ones.

Description A carpet floor is made of a tightly packed pile of synthetic or natural fibers bonded to a backing. As for its insulating nature, carpeting is unique because it is constructed by trapping air between the tufts of fiber that are bonded. Unlike hardwood flooring that has tiny pores (no air holes) in its pile, the carpets have large air spaces that trap cool or warm air. Hence, carpeting allows warm air to come into contact with the floor while keeping the cold air outside. This is one reason why the carpet can retain the heat of the room. On the other hand, hardwood floors tend to retain the coldness of the outer room temperature.

Benefits A well-made flooring option like the carpet floors for the home can last for years without needing any heavy maintenance. However, if you want to give it a thorough cleaning, you can do that by using cleaning products suitable for your type of hardwood flooring. For example, you can use a wood-approved wax to clean and seal your wood floors. If you have installed ceramic tile on the wall, you will need to apply a special cleaning product for that. A good quality steam cleaner is also a good choice to clean your hardwood floors.

Cost vs. FunctionIf you compare the cost and function, you will find that carpet flooring beats hardwood floors every time. Carpet floors are inexpensive when compared to hardwood floors since you only need to cover just one or two feet with the carpeting instead of walking on the hardwood floor. With carpet, you will be able to enhance the aesthetics of your home or workplace without incurring huge expense. Carpet flooring can also be used in areas where there are high foot traffic but it would be wise to check out the area first before installing carpet there.

Ease of Installation The installation process of carpet tiles is much easier than that of standard carpet flooring. In addition, carpet tiles usually come with a mounting kit including a carpet treader, a foam under pad and a tack strip. Tiles usually require only hammering to install. This makes it even more convenient compared to installing hardwood floors. Carpeting is also available in different sizes to suit the demands of different homes. Visit this page: to get more info about this topic.

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